virtual security solution

Why a big business can’t really be safe until they have a virtual data room solution?

Cyber threats are a headache for digitized businesses, regardless of their field of activity. Companies are constantly searching for appropriate solutions to improve their cyber security every year. This article is about the role of data room software in ensuring secure data management in large companies.

Security issues in large companies

Currently, the storage of information in digital form is present in every enterprise, regardless of its size. Large enterprises use corporate information systems that process large amounts of electronic data. A developed telecommunications infrastructure is required that combines cable and wireless computer networks of central offices with regional branches into a single information space for transmitting various information to build an enterprise information system. Although, using a virtual data room is a more convenient way to organize a secure data repository and workspace.

Information security aims to ensure business continuity and protect information data and infrastructure from accidental or intentional interference that may cause data loss or unauthorized modification. Large organizations use information security to protect their digital data as part of an overall cybersecurity program. For example, a company employee uses the same password for many systems. It is quite a severe problem. Remembering multiple passwords is always tricky, so users often use a single password for all plans. If a password leak occurs, a potential attacker can gain access to the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

So, according to, today, all managers want flexibility, speed, greater automation, fairly serious robotization, management reliance on data, the ability to flexibly implement, and then constantly adjust, optimize and improve qualitatively individual business processes and enterprise management as a whole. In this case, data room software designed for secure business collaboration is the best alternative.

Reasons to use data room for deal management in big companies

The following measures provide the consistent protection of confidential documents in a data room:

  • Two-factor authentication & access rights

The highly secure two-factor authentication, based on short-lived one-time keys that are sent via SMS, and a flexible authorization system ensure that the roles and rights of the data room members are precisely defined and monitored.

  • Encrypted storage & data transfer

Every data transmission between client and server (upload and download of documents, display of data room content) is protected by 256-bit encryption. Confidential documents are stored on the server with 256-bit encryption and protected from unauthorized access, especially by the system operator. In addition, all available apps for mobile devices offer the same level of security.

  • Information Rights Management

Special security guidelines for documents, for example, when changing, printing or forwarding to other users, can be defined centrally on the server. The recipient receives a personal and encrypted copy of a document. This copy cannot be opened by other users and expires automatically after the expiration date. This protection is available in the data room for secure downloads of original PDF documents.

  • Secure & traceable delivery

Supplying departments can be easily and securely involved in the process of creating meeting documents. Documents relevant to meetings are no longer sent as attachments but only as a link directly from the data room. The board of directors can easily and yet securely access these documents via their iPad etc. Download, processing and distribution of documents are consistently logged in an audit-proof manner.